Banner Island Ballpark, on the left, and Stockton Arena, on the right, from across McLeod Lake in Stockton, Calif., on April 1, 2022. (Harika Maddala/ Bay City News)

Stockton is one of the most racially diverse large cities in America, with a wealth of untold stories on issues that matter most to residents like housing, education, and the changing economy. With support from Report for America and Catchlight, we have a dedicated reporter and photographer committed to covering Stockton and greater San Joaquin County for the long haul.

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Starling Photo Project

Bay City News created an authenticated “time capsule” of images documenting the Bay Area’s homelessness crisis while transparently tracking data from relevant government agencies. We partnered with the Starling Lab for Data Integrity to advance authentication tools for photojournalism, underscoring the importance of accuracy and combating misinformation and disinformation.