Looking Toward Longevity

Given that 100-year lives will be common for those born today, how can we as individuals and communities prepare? Our institutions, economic policies, social and cultural norms have not kept pace but the Stanford Center on Longevity (SCL) is helping to shape individual, community and social choices to support lives that are longer, healthier, and more rewarding. Read stories from this collaboration with Bay City News Foundation here.

Aging News

With California’s senior population expected to grow by two-thirds in the next two decades, one of the biggest questions is how prepared the state is to meet that challenge. Stay up to date with the latest stories regarding aging in the Bay Area.

Aging Resources

Need help finding resources in your area? Here are some ideas to start. Let us know if you have tips or suggestions for others and we will add them.

Digging Into the Details

Data can help give us insight into the current trends related to aging in the Bay Area, the demographic shifts that are leading to an aging population, and more.