Using photo authentication tools while documenting the homelessness crisis in the region

Bay City News has created an authenticated “time capsule” of images documenting the Bay Area’s homelessness crisis while transparently tracking data from relevant government agencies. We partnered with the Starling Lab for Data Integrity at Stanford University and the University of Southern California to advance authentication tools for photojournalism, underscoring the importance of accuracy and combating misinformation and disinformation.

Four Corners Presentation

Each stand-alone photo offers a unique presentation designed by the Four Corners Project and produced in collaboration with the Starling Lab and Bay City News Foundation. Click on each corner of the image to see the photo’s caption, related photos, background information, and certification that verifies its authenticity. Included is a certificate from the Content Authenticity Initiative verifying where and when it was made and confirming that it hasn’t been inappropriately manipulated. All these extras are offered to help provide context and assurance to viewers like you who want to be sure the image is authentic.

To learn more about these technologies, click here.

Click on each corner of the image to see the photo’s backstory, related photos, related story links, and authorship that verifies its authenticity.

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