Contra Costa County has dedicated its Clerk-Recorder-Elections Facility as the Stephen L. Weir Building.

The Contra Costa Board of Supervisors and County Clerk-Recorder Debi Cooper hosted a public ceremony in front of the building beginning Monday morning.

Weir was county clerk-recorder and registrar of voters for over two decades. He was first to implement e-commerce, offer credit card payments, use digital imaging for public records, and commissioned the current building which opened to the public in 2007.

“The Clerk-Recorder-Elections Department continues the customer and voter-centric focus Steve instilled during his tenure,” Cooper said. “He is a mentor and a friend and I cannot imagine a more fitting tribute to his legacy than dedicating the Clerk-Recorder-Elections facility in his name.”

Weir’s public service career spanned decades. He served as a Concord City Council member and mayor, a member of the Contra Costa Water District, a member of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, and staff member to the late Assemblyman and Sen. Dan Boatwright.

“There is not a more fitting legacy than to name the Clerk-Recorder facility after a public servant like Steve Weir,” Contra Costa Board of Supervisors chair Diane Burgis said. “His career was distinguished by a reputation for integrity, dedication, diligence, sincerity, and professionalism.

The ceremony was streamed live on Contra Costa television.