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On its 100th anniversary, Castro Theatre’s partnership with APE is a sign of good things to come

Built in 1922, the Castro Theatre is iconic due to its sheer longevity in San Francisco. As a city landmark, many have flocked to the theater throughout the years and sat in one of its uniform burgundy chairs to watch a featured movie on its big screen or for a special event, like a movie sing-along. In early 2022, the theater’s longtime owner, Bay Properties Inc., announced it was partnering with the Bay Area’s Another Planet Entertainment in a concerted effort to maintain and improve the popular venue. Some locals have expressed concern that this partnership will result in unwanted changes to or an overhaul of the theater’s usual programming. But as David Perry, the public relations/media relations contact for the Castro Theatre project, shares, “The plan is for the classic film festivals for which the Castro Theatre is famed to continue.”