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On their new album, Shannon and the Clams chronicle the year that drove the front woman away from the Bay

Although Shannon & the Clams’ new album was completed shortly before COVID-19 seized the globe, it wasn’t forged free of tumult. In 2019, Shannon Shaw, the Clams’ magnetic frontwoman, was driven from her Oakland apartment by a persistent peeping tom. Later, on the eve of the Clams’ tour with Greta Van Fleet and the Black Keys, Shaw discovered that her father had been diagnosed with cancer. The Clams were then confronted by Nashville’s tear of a tornado, shortly after recording “Year of the Spider” with the Black Keys’ Dan Auerbach. Months later, a rash of wildfires ravaged Shaw’s hometown of Napa. And then, of course, the pandemic took the reins. It’s no surprise the ’60s era-inspired garage rock band — a beloved fixture of the Bay Area scene since 2008 — sounds haunted on its sixth full-length album, “Year of the Spider,” released on Aug. 20.