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SOMArts’ annual Dia de los Muertos exhibition honors late SF artists and Latino people killed by police

For more than two decades, San Francisco’s SOMArts Cultural Center has been ground zero for one of the Bay Area’s longest-running annual Dia de los Muertos exhibitions. Founded in 1999 by the late artist, curator and community activist René Yañez and now curated by his son, Rio Yañez, an artist and curator, and Carolina Quintanilla, artist and SOMArts gallery director, the show has become a yearly tradition reflecting the Bay Area’s incredible diversity and the commitment of many of its artists to social justice and political activism. This year, you won’t regret spending time with moving — and sometimes gut-wrenching — works that range from the monumental to the intimate. Titled “Dreams Emerging, Beyond Resilience,” the exhibition features a range of art, from paintings to multimedia installations to video, that speaks to the power of perseverance and memory. “What becomes possible,” the show’s organizers ask on the SOMArts website, “when we are able to imagine futures beyond resilience?”