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‘Lizard Boy’s’ Justin Huertas explains why he wrote himself as a superhero

“You’ll leave me behind, and if I cross your mind, it’s because I’m just a boy who looks like a lizard,” sings Justin Huertas’ lonely protagonist in “Lizard Boy,” the comic-book-influenced indie-rock musical that is kicking off TheatreWorks Silicon Valley’s 51st season. Huertas, who wrote the book, music and lyrics, plays Trevor, described as “a sweet and insecure recluse covered in scales following a freak childhood accident.” Trevor meets a newcomer to Seattle, Cary (William A. Williams), via a dating app, and their first encounter turns into a mythological journey — and possibly saving the world. Along the way, Trevor and Cary cross paths with a mysterious singer named Siren (Kirsten “Kiki” deLohr Helland), whose voice has been haunting Trevor’s dreams for some time.