Latest Episodes

Voices of the Bay

“Voices of The Bay” is a weekly audio show from Local News Matters that uncovers the backstories of ordinary people in the Bay Area. We conduct candid interviews with out-and-about individuals to learn more about who they are and why the call the Bay home because everyone has a story.  

This Week in the Bay

“This Week in the Bay” is a weekly podcast from Local News Matters about all things Bay Area. Every episode, we cover three important stories from the region and interview one Local News Matters reporter about a story they covered. We talk about everything from health and technology to local politics and regional trends.

Race and Coronavirus

Bay City News Foundation was proud to partner with Pati Navalta and Levi Sumagaysay on this audio series, telling important stories about the effects of COVID-19 on people of color and immigrants via a weekly podcast and newsletter.

Field Stories

Listen to these voices of the community — in Spanish for our bilingual audiences. We are cross-posting stories from Bay Area partners including bilingual station KBBF Radio 89.1 to tell more stories about immigrant experiences during the coronavirus pandemic reveal the specific challenges these communities face.