The Oakland Zoo has said its two new mountain lion cubs are doing well at the zoo’s veterinary hospital. 

The girls also have names — Maple and Willow. 

“They’re eating like champs and getting lots of love from their care team,” the zoo said Thursday on social media

The two female cubs, approximate 6 to 10 weeks old, were brought to the zoo Tuesday after being rescued by the California Department of Fish and Wildlife

The cubs’ mother was struck and killed by a vehicle Nov. 9 on Interstate Highway 280 near the Hillsborough/Burlingame area. 

Wildlife officials searched for the cubs last weekend when nearby residents reported seeing them. They were found in someone’s backyard.

The kittens weigh 5 and 5.5 pounds and came in underweight and visibly dehydrated, but otherwise showed no signs of major illness. 

The zoo said the kittens are the zoo’s 25th and 26th rescued mountain lions as part of the zoo’s rescue and recovery program for local wildlife in need.