Berkeley has unveiled its new citywide outdoor warning system network of emergency sirens. 

People within a quarter mile to a half mile of a siren location heard Sunday a brief three-tone chime and a voice announcement

Siren sites can be found at

The city is asking people to take a survey following the test to tell the city whether they heard the siren and their location when hearing it. The survey can be found at

The city said public feedback will help officials understand the audibility of this system in real conditions.  

Berkeley’s outdoor warning system will be used during large-scale emergencies to alert people to seek more information when there is an immediate threat to a significant portion of the population near the siren. 

The city said it doesn’t yet maintain a regular public testing schedule for the outdoor warning system. To find out more about the system, go to

For questions about the outdoor warning system, contact the City of Berkeley, Office of Emergency Services at