NAPA COUNTY will be receiving $37.5 million in funding to strengthen its efforts to address wildfires effectively, county officials said.

Napa County was selected as a recipient of a federal Building Resilient Infrastructure and Communities grant, aimed at boosting the county’s implementation of an adopted protection plan against wildfires.

“This grant amplifies our commitment to resilience — and will have a tremendous impact on our ability to drive and uphold investment in wildfire resiliency projects that bring value to our region in the years ahead,” county executive officer Ryan Alsop said in a statement Wednesday. 

Napa County is matching 25 percent of the funding as part of its efforts to combat wildfires, county officials said.

Under the Napa County Community Wildfire Protection Plan, the county aims to establish defensible space and ignition-resistant construction as well as reduce hazardous fuels.

An estimated 36 percent of Napa County’s population live in areas where conditions create moderate, high, or very high wildfire risk.

The county has recorded 26 wildfires since 2015, according to county officials, who added that 62 percent of its land area has been severely affected by infernos since 2017.