THE PUBLIC HAS BEEN INVITED to name two male red ruffed lemur pups that were born in May at the Happy Hollow Park and Zoo in San Jose.

Prospective names for the pups all have special meanings in Malagasy, the national language of Madagascar, where lemurs are uniquely found, the zoo’s officials said in a news release.

Everyone can vote on these names and the two names that receive the most votes will be the winning names, according to the zoo’s officials.

The six choices, including their meanings, are Zaza (kid), Fiti (love), Fiaro (that which protects), Maharo (protect/defend), Toky (confidence) and Noro (light/source of life).

Red-ruffed lemurs are considered critically endangered by the International Union for Conservation of Nature due to habitat loss, wildlife trafficking and climate change. Their natural habitat in northeast Madagascar is limited to a small tropical, moist lowland forest.

“The birth of these pups is critical to both the survival of the red-ruffed lemur species and educating the public about their story,” Happy Hollow Zoo Manager Amber Rindy said in a statement. “Nothing is more inspirational than seeing an endangered animal up close and making a connection.”

Everyone can cast their votes by Monday, Aug. 28. The winning names will be announced on Aug. 30, the zoo’s officials said. 

Those who wish to see the lemur pups can visit the Happy Hollow Zoo any day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.