MT. DIABLO UNIFIED SCHOOL DISTRICT said Monday it reached an agreement with its Teamsters union workers, giving them a 7 percent raise in 2023-24, followed by a 3 percent increase the following year.

The district board approved the agreement on Aug. 16 and negotiators ratified it late last month, after months of talks.

The three-year contract also includes a salary study on the majority of jobs covered by the union — including maintenance, skilled trades and food service.

The union represents nearly 500 district workers, who also include custodians and bus drivers.

“Through candid and collaborative bargaining, both parties agreed to informed trade-offs, not only on compensation-related matters important to the union and its members, but also in areas in which changes were sought by the district, including the discipline process, compensatory time, the coordination of differential pay time when an employee may be out for medical reasons, and keeping an important cap on vacation accruals intact,” said Dr. John Rubio, MDUSD’s chief of human resources, in a statement.

“Based on the collaboration between the union and district in successfully making contract changes that addressed both their common and distinct interests, the district is also pleased with the agreement,” Rubio said.

“This contract is a huge win for our members and takes us in the right direction of attracting and maintaining talent here at Mt. Diablo Unified School District,” said MDUSD custodial lead worker and bargaining team member Noven Feria, in a statement released by Teamsters Local 856.