Oakland International Airport has finished its $11-million security project designed to save costs and feature art welcoming passengers to the city, airport officials said.

According to OAK officials in a news release Aug. 1, the Terminal 2 (T2) Security Exit Project, which was constructed in a period of six months, is meant to prevent passenger backflow from non-secure areas to help airport security.

Airport officials said the new exit structure will prevent security breaches.

“From this point forward, passengers exiting OAK’s T2 will pass through motion sensors and two sets of automatic doors in order to enter the public baggage claim area,” OAK officials said.

They said the expansive structure includes a two-sided perforated aluminum art piece. Arriving passengers on the secure side of the exit will see a large “Welcome to Oakland” sign “in front of imagery of the Oakland city skyline at sunset,” airport officials said.

“The perforated aluminum design allows ample airflow for the comfort of passengers,” they said.

The design lead on the art piece was Circa Now, a creative advertising agency based in the San Francisco Bay Area, according to OAK officials.