Danville police have created a safe space for people buying and selling things … legally.

If it’s illegal, they’d probably be happy for you to come inside and tell them all about it.

The town’s police department has created a safe exchange zone in its parking lot at 500 La Gonda Way.

There are two designated spots located next to the Dumpster, allowing residents to safely buy and sell items through sites such as Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace.

The department reminds people to be cautious in buying or selling valuable items. They suggest telling a friend or family member when meeting someone.

They also encourage people to complete transactions during daylight hours, trust your instincts, and protect yourself from scams.

The zone is under surveillance 24/7, but officers won’t be present during transactions and video will not be monitored in real-time, police said.

Anyone with questions can call Danville police at 925-314-3700.