California boasts some of the toughest gun safety laws in the nation, and they would become the blueprint for all 50 states if Gov. Gavin Newsom has anything to say about it.

On Thursday, Newsom proposed a constitutional amendment to enshrine gun safety measures nationally. His proposed 28th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution includes four gun safety measures that are already part of California law: universal background checks, raising the firearm purchase age to 21, instituting a firearm purchase waiting period and barring the civilian purchase of assault weapons.

“The 28th Amendment will enshrine in the Constitution common sense gun safety measures that Democrats, Republicans, Independents, and gun owners overwhelmingly support — while leaving the Second Amendment unchanged and respecting America’s gun-owning tradition,” Newsom said.

The National Rifle Association voiced its opposition on Twitter, sharing a video of Newsom’s announcement with the title “Gov. Newsom Proposes 28th Amendment to Destroy Gun Rights and Disarm Americans.”

Supporters also shared their opinions on social media.

“It’s hard to overstate just how effective these new restrictions would be. Countless lives would be saved,” tweeted advocacy group Occupy Democrats.

To pass the amendment, two-thirds of state legislatures around the country must call for a constitutional convention under Article V of the U.S. Constitution. Then, three-quarters of states would need to ratify the amendment.

Deidre Foley is an intern at Bay City News and an MA candidate at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at CUNY, where she specializes in data journalism and health & science reporting. Previously she was managing editor for the San Francisco Foghorn and has bylines in the NYCity News Service, Byklner and the Nagazasshi. Deidre is interested in using data and visuals to tell social justice and human interest stories.