Alameda County Superintendent of Schools Alysse Castro has ordered an election to fill a vacancy on the Oakland Unified School District (OUSD) Board of Trustees.

The election will happen the same day as the next general election, Nov. 7, the district said in a statement.

On March 21, OUSD Trustee Mike Hutchinson resigned from his region 5 seat. His seat was redistricted, and he will now serve as trustee for region 4.

California law requires the governing board either appoint a provisional board member or order an election to fill the vacancy within 60 days.

The OUSD board didn’t agree on a provisional appointment and did not call for a special election by the May 19 deadline.

The election to fill a vacancy on the governing board of a school district can take place no earlier than 130 days after the order for the election on the next established election day.