THE SPACE DEDICATED to collaborative creation in technology, arts and crafts, Makerspace, is celebrating its first anniversary at the Redwood City Public Library.

The Makerspace was dedicated in early March 2022, after years of effort by the Redwood City Library Foundation and is open every day of the week.

According to its website, “The Library’s Makerspace is designed to provide community members with equitable access to technology and other tools that might not be easily accessible or affordable to individuals.”

And so it is that this collaborative space allows people and groups of all ages to come together to create, experiment and learn about technology, computers, art, science, electronics and sewing.

What’s in the Makerspace

  • In the case of technology, the Makerspace has 3D printers, digital modeling and design software, and the opportunity to learn about robotics and electronics.
  • For those interested in sewing, in the collaborative space there are sewing and embroidery machines, as well as tools for creating all kinds of crafts.
  • To collaborate, the Makerspace offers whiteboards, screen monitors, space for video conferencing and audio recording, and reconfigurable tables and seating.

While the space offers all of these benefits, there are still improvements that can be made.

For Gene Suárez, senior library assistant at the Redwood City Public Library, one of the tools that could help is more podcast-friendly microphones, as well as a greater variety of editing software, since they currently rely on free-access programs like Audacity.

The collaborative space provides a variety of activities, some of which are taught in Spanish, including sewing classes, classes for learning English, workshops, coding clubs and even activities related to Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics (STEAM).

Suárez pointed out that the photography classes are given in Spanish and that they have been well received by the public, as have been the coding and special robotics clubs for children and adolescents ages 3 to 18. However, adults also often attend these activities.

“Whatever they are doing, they are doing a good job,” Suárez acknowledged of the Spanish-language classes and activities. 

Those who are interested can access the Makerspace at the Redwood City Public Library, which is located at 1044 Middlefield Road in Redwood City.

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