An American mink found ailing behind the Antioch Police Department recently is back in the wild after recovering at a Walnut Creek animal hospital, the department announced.

Antioch Animal Services said in a Facebook post on Thursday that the mink was found “a few weeks ago” behind the police station, “lethargic, unwell and out of sorts.”

An animal control officer bundled up the semiaquatic relative of otters and ferrets and took it to the hospital at Walnut Creek’s Lindsay Wildlife Experience, where it was treated and recently returned to the wild.

Animal services officials said minks live in the nearby Delta.

“The neighboring Corteva Wetlands Preserve is home to an abundance of wild animals and is a stone’s throw from our shelter,” the agency said.

They said minks, river otters and sea lions are spotted in the area. Minks are carnivorous and are farmed for their fur.