Winter weather elsewhere in the country has begun to impact the holiday travel plans of Bay Area travelers, who should take extra considerations if they are headed to an airport this week.

Mineta San Jose International Airport has reported a “handful” of canceled flights that were mostly headed to Chicago, Denver, St. Louis and Houston.

San Francisco International Airport had 16 cancellations as of Thursday, which SFO spokesperson Doug Yakel said is typical for the airport. Four of the canceled flights were headed to Denver. Three were going to Chicago.

The skies above the Bay Area appear busy with airplane traffic on Thursday afternoon in this image from the FlightAware website. The site provides live data on active flights. (Image via

Yakel said that travelers headed to areas affected by the winter weather should check their airline’s website for options to adjust travel plans before heading to the airport.

Oakland International Airport said it does not share delay and cancellation information at the request of their airlines, but 13 flights had been canceled and 32 others delayed as of Thursday, according to FlightAware, a real-time flight tracking website.

All airports in the region have recommended that travelers download their airline’s apps for the most up-to-date information on their upcoming flights and to adjust travel plans if necessary. They should also allow extra time when heading to the airport to avoid any unnecessary stress.