The BikeLink mobile app is now available for bicycle parking at BART stations (Courtesy of BART via Bay City News)

BART has announced that riders who come to the agency’s train stations via bicycle can now park their bikes in secure lockers using a new mobile app.

BikeLink cards have previously been the way to pay for the lockers at BART stations for 5 cents per hour, and BikeLink now has an app that bicyclists can use across 40 BART stations.

People can download the BikeLink app on either iOS or Android and can start with only $5 on their app’s account, while the minimum amount required to set up a BikeLink card is $20. BART officials note that a balance on a card is not connected to an account on the app.

To use the lockers, a rider should go up to an available one, pull up the app and follow on-screen instructions to add time to the meter and open the door to place their bike inside.

According to BART, use of the app at its bike stations at the Ashby, Berryessa, Civic Center, Downtown Berkeley, Embarcadero, MacArthur, Milpitas and Pleasant Hill/Contra Costa Centre stations won’t be available until early 2023.

More details about the BikeLink program and information on taking bicycles to BART stations and on trains can be found at