The city of Novato is committed to addressing homelessness there, adding two new positions at City Hall to focus on homelessness response.

A principal management analyst and a homeless outreach specialist, added to the city manager’s office, will help guide Novato’s response to homelessness, develop best-practice-oriented public policy and coordinate outreach efforts.

A legal dispute between the city and the Marin County Homeless Union was resolved favorably through mutual collaboration between the city and the union to address the pressing concern of unhoused individuals residing in the city. As part of the settlement agreement, Novato will keep the temporary encampment at Lee Gerner Park in place for two years and form a Housing and Homeless Committee.

Last month, the Novato City Council established the new Housing and Homeless Committee, whose purpose will be to provide information and make recommendations to the City Council regarding housing and homeless issues within the city. Applications are being accepted for this committee through Jan. 6, at 5 p.m. More information about the committee and how to apply is available on the city’s website.