Thanksgiving isn’t just for humans — San Francisco zoo animals also had a banquet of their own this past Thursday, announced the San Francisco Zoo & Gardens.

Lemurs congregated at an outdoor table setting to feast on a turkey-shaped leaf-eater biscuit, a pumpkin pie and personal plates filled with endive, mushrooms, Brussels sprouts and a cup of gelatin dessert.

Zookeepers set up a centerpiece made of pumpkin that read “Grateful for Lemurs.” Also at the zoo was a half-Thanksgiving, half-birthday celebration for 18-year-old western lowland gorilla “Kimani.” Chimpanzees munched on wild rice stuffed peppers, cranberries and pumpkin pie with pecans and maple sausage, while orangutans ate their favorite vegetables.

Zookeepers say their chimpanzees only are fed meat as an extra special treat on certain occasions. Though chimpanzees can hunt, eat and share meat, it should only make up a maximum of 6 percent of their diet, said the zoo.

“Here at SFZoo, caregivers cook and feed meat to our troop a few times a year, including Thanksgiving,” the zoo wrote on Twitter.

The San Francisco Zoo is open 365 days a year, including all major holidays.