BART has just unveiled its revamped Powell Street Station and has installed unique artwork on its ceiling created by San Francisco artist Stephen Galloway.

The installation, entitled “Elysium,” features an illuminated sky ringed by images of three buildings which flank the station’s entrance. It was created with a large LED lightbox.

Galloway likens his work to film images “squished between two panes of glass like a sandwich,” he said in a BART news release.

Getting the artwork up was no easy task, according to Wahid Amiri, who managed the project for BART. The piece went into an area that was the former site of a breakroom and ticketing machines, which had to be removed and cleared of any hazardous materials. Electricians then went in and installed the LED panel. Then came the really hard part — positioning the 150-pound set of fragile glass panels.

A detail image of Stephen Galloway’s art installation “Elysium” shows the graphic style and bubble tile visual effect. Galloway likens his work to film images “squished between two panes of glass like a sandwich.” (Image courtesy of Stephen Galloway)

According to BART, Galloway spoke of the piece as helping to establish a “sense of place,” or a “multivalent construct that describes people’s connection to space.”

“It’s getting people to both be aware but also feel good about what’s around them,” said the artist.

In addition to this art installation at the Powell Station, BART has added glass fare barriers to prevent fare evasion, new signage and a modern grid ceiling on the station’s concourse level with energy efficient lights.

“Powell Street station’s modernization has made it lighter, brighter, safer and more welcoming to the thousands of people who move through here each day,” said BART Board member Bevan Dufty, whose district includes the station.