Two of Concord’s three city council incumbents won re-election Tuesday night.

While Mayor Dominic Aliano won back his District 3 seat unopposed, District 1 incumbent Laura Hoffmeister fought back two challengers and a September DUI conviction to retake her seat, which she has held since 1997.

Former mayor and District 5 incumbent Tim McGallian lost to Laura Nakamura, a cardiac sonographer who has lived in Concord since 1988.

With results yet to be made official, Hoffmeister won with 46 percent of the vote, beating pro-developer candidate Robert Ring (33 percent) and anti-Seeno candidate Quinne Anderson (21 percent).

The city selected Seeno to be the master developer of the former Concord Naval Weapons Station last year, a controversial decision considering Seeno’s history of legal and environmental troubles.

Hoffmeister, currently the vice mayor who will likely rotate into Aliano’s post next term, has already served five terms as mayor. She retired as Clayton’s assistant city manager in August. Hoffmeister made headlines in May for a DUI arrest, for which she was sentenced to three years of probation in September.

Hoffmeister campaigned on bringing more affordable housing to Concord and more resources for unsheltered people.

Nakamura said during the campaign, about the naval weapons station: “The needs of current and future residents should come first. The vast majority of new housing should be affordable. Policymakers should listen to current residents. The benefits of development should accrue primarily to Concord and the community.”

Nakamura also said she wants more “compassionate solutions” to homelessness, transparency and oversight for the police, and safer spaces for pedestrians and bicyclists.