With longtime councilmember Ken Carlson still in the running for a seat on the Contra Costa County Board of Supervisors, Pleasant Hill voters have two council seats to fill Tuesday.

Or maybe just one. Incumbent Sue Noack squares off against five challengers for the two available at-large seats.

Bill Bankert

Planning Commissioner Bill Bankert says on his campaign site the city “must push back on the demands for enormous multi-family complexes. We can meet the city’s housing needs without jeopardizing the integrity of our neighborhoods.”

Bankert says he wants to strengthen the city’s economic position in the Bay Area through business development and retail growth while preserving Pleasant Hill’s small-town identity.

The son of a police officer says he would support first responders, teachers, and make transparent decisions on the council.

Daniel Rodriguez

Daniel Rodriguez is a manager for a civil contracting firm. According to VotersEdge.org, he supports “smart growth development to help with the housing crisis and prop up local small business.”

Rodriquez says he ls wats to fight the climate crisis and promote a more sustainable Pleasant Hill. He supports “common-sense, community-based public safety policies, including prioritizing the safety of pedestrians and bicyclists.”

Andrei Obolenskiy

Andrei Obolenskiy owns Main Street Automotive. He and his wife run the nonprofit Russian Language School of Contra Costa, assisting new families with integration. He says on his website he’s a supporter of the LGBTQ+ community, with which he has helped with fundraising and business consulting.

Obolenskiy says on his site he wants to prioritize public safety, cleanliness, and pedestrian safety and prioritize small business and local control in planning and housing issues. He touts his record balancing budgets in his business dealings.

Zhanna Thompson

Zhanna Thompson is a regional director of quality assurance for a mental health provider. She says she plans to focus on quality-of-life initiatives, with more parks and bike and pedestrian trails.

Thompson says on her campaign site she supports small businesses, expanding mental health services, and would “focus on climate change and make Pleasant Hill an active partner with our neighboring communities. I would support the creation of an environmental task force and a sustainability committee.”

Zac Shess

Zac Shess is a member of Pleasant Hill’s Parks and Recreation Commission. On his campaign site, Shess says he would “ensure our community is a safe, vibrant and inclusive place to live or own a business.”

Shess says he wants to help deliver efficient and effective city services and retain local control over housing decisions. He supports a well-funded and well-trained police force and says he wants to promote opportunities for new businesses to emerge and current businesses to want to stay in Pleasant Hill.

Sue Noack

Sue Noack has been on the council since 2014. She co-founded the Foundation for Pleasant Hill Education, chaired the 2010 Measure C Bond Oversight Committee, and was involved in the building of the new Pleasant Hill Library. She also sits on the city’s general plan advisory committee.

Noack says on her campaign site her experience in finance “allows me to play a vital role on city council and our budget committee. The city’s unfunded pension liability and current struggling economy will require a watchful financial eye.”