HORIZONTAL - The University of Berkeley in Berkeley Calif. logo. (Photo courtesy of the University of Berkeley)

UC Berkeley’s dedicated research center for the Latinx community will receive a $3 million state budget allocation, California Sen. Nancy Skinner, chair of the state senate’s budget committee, announced.

The university’s Latinx Research Center studies how the Latinx population continues to grow in the state, and what resources are required on a statewide level to support the needs of the expanding demographic.

“Currently, Hispanic Californians make up nearly 40 percent of our state but only about 19 percent of UC Berkeley’s undergraduate enrollment and just 9 percent of its graduate students,” Skinner said in a statement. “The Latinx Research Center is crucial to helping ensure that the UC system’s premier campus fulfills its promise to be a truly diverse institution that provides opportunities for all.”

Research from the center has been used to inform policy, shed light on the obstacles that Latinx people face in the U.S. and mentor rising Latinx students to higher education and leadership.

Despite it being considered an important research hub by the university, the research center faced budget cuts.

Skinner worked alongside the research center’s chair, Dr. Laura E. Perez, to garner funds in this year’s state budget bill to keep the research center stable.

“At the Latinx Research Center we understand that human and cultural diversity is a core part of intellectual wealth, and that knowledge of our cultural, gender, and sexual plurality is the path to an ever more perfect union,” Perez said in a statement.

The $3 million in funds will also support five areas of study for faculty, lecturers, post-doctoral fellows and students surrounding democracy, environment, public policy, health and decolonialism.