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Saratoga and Milpitas residents will vote this November on modifying term limits for each cities’ mayor and city council.

Under Milpitas’ current term limits, City Council members may serve three four-year terms, while the city’s mayor can serve up to three two-year terms.

The city’s Measure F would prevent city officials from serving more than 10 consecutive years on the council and in the mayor’s office and would curb the number of terms council members can serve to two four-year terms.

The measure would also establish a two-year period after an official reaches the 10-year limit in which the official would not be allowed to serve on the council or as mayor.

After the two-year “cooling off” period, the official’s limit would reset and they would be allowed to serve on the council or as mayor for another 10 years.

Meanwhile, Saratoga’s Measure C would codify a non-binding two-term limit that the city’s voters originally installed in 1992.

Since then, City Council members have voluntarily complied with the term limit, but would only be legally required to do so if voters approve Measure C.

Both measures will require a simple majority vote to be adopted.