Voters in San Bruno and Redwood City will consider changes this fall to the term limits for each city’s city council.

San Bruno’s Measure BB would implement term limits for the City Council and mayor for the first time in more than 30 years. The city has not had term limits for local office since 1988, when a state court struck down a voter-approved term limit measure originally passed in 1977.

Measure BB would limit City Council members to serving three four-year terms and the mayor to serving six two-year terms. All officials would be limited to 12 consecutive years across the council and mayor’s office.

The city commissioned a poll earlier this year about reinstating term limits and found support from 65.6 percent of likely voters. It would require a simple majority to be adopted.

Redwood City’s Measure P focuses mainly on the existing two-year term limit for the city’s mayor.

Currently, the seven-member City Council chooses one of its members to be the city’s mayor, with the title rotating among the council.

Measure P would change the mayor’s term to one year in an effort to allow more council members, who serve a single four-year term, to serve as the city’s mayor.

Both measures are on the Nov. 8 general election ballot. Measure P will require a simple majority to be adopted by Redwood City voters.