Oakland voters will have the chance next month to vote on term limits for city councilmembers, among several other changes to city government.

If passed, Measure X on the November ballot would prohibit councilmembers from serving more than three consecutive terms. The measure will pass if a simple majority vote in favor of it.

Measure X also proposes changes to the number of hearings required before the City Council can place a measure on the ballot, the way adjustments are made to councilmembers’ salaries, the procedure for breaking a tie vote on the council and the way salaries are set for the city attorney and city auditor.

A discussion on the pros and cons of Oakland’s Measure X. (Video courtesy of League of Women Voters Oakland/YouTube)

The measure also allows voters to decide whether to prohibit certain political activities by the city attorney and city auditor, the process for filing the city auditor’s position if it becomes vacant and the minimum staffing level for the city auditor’s office.

“As the City of Oakland grows in size and complexity, we must modernize our government,” proponents of the measure said in their ballot argument. “This can be done in part by making changes to our city Charter.”

Measure X makes changes that allow city officials “to meet the needs of our city in a more democratic, accountable, transparent and equitable manner,” proponents wrote in their argument.

Oakland City Councilmember Dan Kalb has signaled his support for the measure. No one submitted an argument opposing Measure X.