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Now through Oct. 15, Cal Fire is recognizing the 100th annual Fire Prevention Week with a special emphasis for residents to plan their path to safety in the event of a home fire.

Cal Fire is pairing with the National Fire Protection Association to remind community members the importance of having an evacuation plan in mind in case of a residential fire.

Fire officials drafted a blueprint for residents to get out of a home fire quickly. There are two critical factors — properly installed smoke alarms and advance planning.

Some suggested action items mentioned in this year’s campaign: checking smoke alarms once a month, rehearsing a home fire escape plan twice a year and installing smoke alarms in every sleeping room and every level of the home.

“In some instances, you may have as little as two minutes or less to safely escape a home fire once the smoke alarm sounds,” Cal Fire wrote in a news release. “After all, you plan for vacations, holidays, and weekly meals, why not plan to save your life and those around you in the event of a home fire?” A recent NFPA report found that U.S. Home fire deaths were at a 14-year high last year, making the reminder for residents all the more relevant, said fire officials.

“Too many lives are lost in home fires each year in California,” said State Fire Marshal Chief Mike Richwine in a statement.

More information about Fire Prevention Week can be found on the NFPA website.