The Livermore City Council has endorsed a police-organized gun buyback program that would give gun owners $100 gift cards in exchange for firearms with no questions asked.

The event would likely be hosted by a local faith-based organization and occur in October or November. The city would provide $10,000 in buyback funding for the first event. Livermore police would handle the weapons, which would be destroyed in a timely fashion, unless the gun is determined to be evidence in a crime.

City staff suggested the event give police the authority to go up to $200 per weapon, based on whether it has the capability for high-capacity destruction. Staff also suggested capping payouts for individual weapons at three per person. Additional weapons would still be accepted without payment.

The police suggested gift cards be for groceries or gasoline.

Any firearm would be accepted; however, payment would only be made for firearms that appear to be in operable condition. Anyone would be eligible to turn in weapons, with no residency restrictions.