Residents of Yountville and St. Helena in Napa County can now ride zero-emission buses, the Napa Valley Transportation Authority announced.

The Yountville Bee Line is a new, zero-emission bus featuring a bee design. It will provide free and on-demand service within the town of Yountville, maintaining the same service lines as the old Yountville Trolley.

In St. Helena, a new zero-emission bus features a monarch butterfly and replaces the old shuttle. It too will provide on-demand service, but it will cost a dollar.

The authority and transportation leaders held a ribbon-cutting ceremony to officially welcome the new rides.

The buses can travel 180 miles between charges and will save 30 cents per mile in maintenance, according to the Napa Valley Transportation Authority. Each bus will also eliminate 1,690 tons of carbon dioxide in a 12-year lifespan, which authority officials said is the equivalent of taking 27 cars off the road.

The authority said it has also installed charging stations for the buses at its Yountville and St. Helena corporation yards.