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The San Francisco Recreation and Park Department has introduced a new busking program for street musicians to schedule performances in various locations around Golden Gate Park.

The city will start charging a $73 “application administrative fee” for the program starting on March 1 of next year, but until then it is free and people have to provide photo ID, contact information and a description of the performance.

No amplified sound is allowed at any of the seven spots around the park where the performances might be available. The locations are at Alvord Lake, Conservatory Tunnel, George Washington Tree, Burns Statue, Ninth Avenue Bridge South, Rose Garden South, and Crossover Underpass South.

The city parks department is also launching two pop-up venues known as Music Mosey with the arts nonprofit Illuminate, which is coordinating a schedule of live amplified performances.

The performances will be at the portion of John F. Kennedy Drive that is car-free and known as the JFK Promenade at Nancy Pelosi Drive, as well as at the 14th Avenue East Meadow starting on Sept. 23, and are in conjunction with Illuminate’s free concert series in the Golden Gate Bandshell.

The music pop-ups are part of what the parks department is calling Promenade Play Days that will take place at the car-free part of the park over the next several months. More details about the activities at the JFK Promenade can be found online.