The next time you get pulled over for a traffic violation in Cotati, the officer who stopped you might be stepping out of a flashy new Tesla.

The city recently announced it has purchased a new electric police patrol car, the first fully-equipped electric police cruiser to be put into service in Sonoma County.

The city, in keeping up with its measures to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, officially put the vehicle into service Sept. 15.

“Cotati is one of the first cities in California to put a fully equipped electric police patrol car into service,” said Mayor Mark Landman. “Our police fleet was an obvious place to prioritize, as these vehicles idle and drive extensively, with an overall efficiency of 9 miles per gallon.

“Even with the higher initial costs of purchasing the car, it’s less expensive overall with gas and maintenance savings,” Landman continued. “We are happy to help lead the way to a healthier gas-free future with electric patrol cars that refuel on electricity from Sonoma Clean Power EverGreen that saves our residents money over the life of the vehicle.”

Cotati officials purchased a Tesla Model Y for police patrol use. The vehicle was manufactured at the Tesla Factory, the company’s automobile assembly plant, in Fremont.