Lindsay, a young peregrine falcon, was found dead Thursday near the west edge of the University of California at Berkeley campus, a group that monitors falcons on the campus reported.

The falcon was last spotted on the Campanile in the first week of August and the group, Cal Falcons, said on social media that “she likely died not too long after those observations.”

The young falcon was likely killed by another falcon, a red-shouldered hawk, the group said.

“The first year of life for a falcon is exceptionally difficult — survival is approximately 40-50 percent for young birds,” Cal Falcons said. “Juvenile raptors need to learn to hunt on their own and protect themselves from a wide range of dangers, everything from window strikes to starvation.”

Adult falcons do not face as many threats from other raptors, but given Lindsay’s young age, she was vulnerable to predation.

“We’re sorry to share this sad news with everyone, and wanted to thank Lindsay for all the wonderful memories from this year,” Cal Falcons said.

Lindsay was born in May along with sibling Grinnell Jr., and took her name from the Lindsay Wildlife Experience in Walnut Creek, which cared for Grinnell, one of the famed Berkeley peregrine falcon pair along with mate Annie, when he became injured last fall. Despite being successfully rehabbed and returned to the wild, Grinnell died in April. Grinnell Jr. was named in his honor and continues to thrive.