Flyer for beach cleanup event Sept. 17, 2022, in San Mateo County (San Mateo County Health via Bay City News)

Get your gloves, buckets and reusable water bottles ready! because San Mateo County is looking for volunteers for Coastal Cleanup Day 2022 to be held in September.

There are two ways to participate in the annual litter cleanup event on San Mateo’s shorelines.

The first is to join the main event on Saturday, September 17 from 9 a.m. to noon: San Mateo County will host more than 50 cleanup sites led by space captains with thousands of volunteers gathered in groups to remove trash before it breaks into smaller pieces, harms wildlife, or ends up in our waterways.

But if you can’t join the main event, you can join the cleanup effort throughout the month.

County officials remind residents that they can still make a difference right outside their door: “Gather your family and friends, go solo or bring your dog, and pick up litter in your neighborhood throughout September.”

Those interested in getting involved to help beautify and protect their community — and be inspired by other volunteers — can sign up at  to find a location near you.

There are more than 30 cleaning locations to choose from throughout the county.

If you are interested in being a site captain or know of a location that would make a good cleanup site, you can contact the Pollution Prevention Program at (650) 388-2096 or send an email to

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