A coalition of domestic workers, employers and advocates gathered in San Francisco and Los Angeles recently to celebrate the two-year anniversary of the Domestic Worker and Employer Education and Outreach Program.

Over 200 people attended the Aug. 13 event and shared their experiences, learned about workers’ rights, and enjoyed live music and theater skits, according to a statement from the California Domestic Workers Coalition.

The anniversary also provided an opportunity to launch an updated package of “Know Your Rights” materials, which can be viewed on the coalition’s website.

“The Domestic Worker Education and Outreach Program is the first of its kind in the state and domestic workers are at the center of it,” said Kimberly Alvarenga, director of the California Domestic Workers Coalition. “First, by establishing the program through their leadership and advocacy, and then, by leading our education and outreach efforts across the state.”

The program is housed with the California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement.

The new package of educational material includes information about how to negotiate work agreements, overtime laws, keeping track of work hours and more.

The outreach material can be viewed on the California Domestic Workers Coalition’s website.