The Concord City Council on Tuesday unanimously approved spending up to $789,187 for 65 license plate-reading cameras and accompanying software around the city, with the information gathered from the cameras controlled by the police department. 

Most East Bay law enforcement departments already use similar systems, and the council made obtaining one a “tier 2 priority” back in April. 

Flock Safety’s Automated License Plate Reader (ALPR) System that analyzes vehicle license plates, state affiliation, and vehicle attributes such as color, type, make and objects (roof rack, bumper stickers, etc.) based on image analytics, not car registration data. 

According to a staff report for Tuesday’s meeting, the cameras run off solar and the technology allows for identification despite partial, missing, temporary or covered plates, and cameras can be installed almost anywhere. 

The city wants the system to create a citywide ALPR system and add significant investigative options to help solve and deter crime. 

The city’s contract is for 24 months and can be renewed for another 24 months. The system will be ready for use in three to six months.