A smart solar generator provider has received a multi-million dollar loan guarantee from the Bay Area Air Quality Management District to offer clean surveillance stations and mobile light towers.

Traditionally used in construction sites and other places that do not have access to electricity, King Solarman’s products provide solar-powered, off-grid lights, as well as sound and cloud-based video surveillance footage that is accessible for viewing in real-time. The security units also send notifications to property owners when unusual activity is detected.

“Equipment that runs on renewable energy is a smart alternative to fossil fuel-powered generators that deteriorate air quality and emit greenhouse gases,” stated Veronica Eady, senior deputy executive officer of policy and equity at the air district. “We are excited to support the use of technologies that provide practical alternatives to outdated systems, that are good for the climate and that reduce harmful emissions in our air.”

The loan is a part of the air district’s initiative to fund projects that significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, labeled the Climate Tech Finance Program. Backed by the California Infrastructure and Economic Development Bank and the Northern California Financial Development Corporation, air district members analyzed how King Solarman’s technology will impact emissions and social equity.

The air district said that King Solarman products have the potential to remove up to 688 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year in the state.