Things have been so good for the geese in Foster City that the council has decided to take steps to reduce the resulting gander — by authorizing the possible killing of up to 100 birds.

An over abundant waterfowl population in Foster City has led to potential health hazards, deteriorating lagoon water quality and other sanitation concerns, a spokesperson for the city said.

Testing on lagoon water has shown elevated bacteria levels that can be directly linked to the geese.

The city was quick to point out that taking the lethal route is one of many options and would only be exercised selectively and in conjunction with a wide variety of nonlethal methods.

However, on Tuesday the council agreed to issue permits for the Canada goose depredation plan.

Non-lethal methods that will be tried include egg addling and hazing as well as landscape modification. Egg addling is removing a fertilized egg from a nest and destroying the embryo and then returning the egg to the nest.

Another non-lethal option is hazing: creating an environment designed to deter geese from wanting to set up shop, through certain noises or lighting.

Residents with feedback about the city’s geese plan are encouraged to email the city.