BART riders can now easily complete their trips to Berkeley with shared electronic scooters outside of rapid transit stations.

New LINK scooters are available throughout Berkeley, and BART is allowing them to be locked outside of Berkeley BART stations. The 250 dockless scooters in Berkeley were provided by Superpedestrian.

Transit riders can plan their trip to Berkeley using BART’s multi-modal trip planner at online or on BART’s app. The trip planner shows the real-time availability of the scooters, a map to find them and a link to book the scooters.

Results from the trip planner provide door-to-door directions and the time to complete the trip as well as when walking or driving is quicker.

BART says the scooters are effective for navigating Berkeley’s busy streets with limited parking. Real-time scooter availability for San Francisco, Oakland and Fremont can be found on BART’s trip planner, too.

The LINK scooters are not allowed on BART trains or in the unpaid area of the system, but BART riders can bring their own folding, electric kick scooters on trains, BART officials said.

On BART property, e-scooters with locks are required to be locked to a bike rack to prevent the scooters from blocking station access, according to BART.