The most recent data about hate crimes in California reveals incidents are trending upward in frequency, but not so in Contra Costa County.

According to the county, hate crime incidents are relatively low compared to the rest of the Golden State.

In Contra Costa County in 2021, there were a total of 14 hate crimes referred to the county’s District Attorney’s Office, and of those, four were filed and prosecutors got convictions in all four cases.

“Cultural sensitivity is paramount in building trust to ensure that hate crimes are reported and prosecuted effectively,” said Diana Becton, Contra Costa County district attorney. “The Contra Costa District Attorney’s Office continually engages with law enforcement agencies to train officers on technical aspects of hate crime prosecutions and the delicate nature of hate crime investigations.

That kind of awareness by police officers and prosecutors can decrease some emotional barriers among victims when they report a hate crime or a hate incident.” Last week, Attorney General Rob Bonta released last year’s hate crime findings, which show there was a 32.6 percent increase in hate crimes in California between 2020 and 2021.