San Francisco’s Chase Center is finally getting its moment in the spotlight in the NBA Finals more than two years after opening during a season that was upended by the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s also the first time the Golden State Warriors have made it to the playoffs since moving into the building in 2019.

For the hundreds of workers that help bring the NBA Finals atmosphere to Chase Center, it’s their chance to also shine on the big stage.

A watch party will be held at Chase Center for Game 6 while the Warriors attempt to close out the series in Boston on June 16 at 6 p.m. For staff, the event will be treated much like a normal game.

Phillip Hastings, Warriors vice president of event experiences, said his team is hoping for a Warriors win on Thursday, but they would be ready for a Game 7.

“Everyone’s got Sunday scheduled,” Hastings said. “So, if we win, everyone’s got the day off.”

Much like the team on the court, Hastings said the number one rule in hospitality is to always be prepared.

A Warriors spokesperson said 625 food and beverage team members usually work the games. They come from communities all over the Bay Area, with a strong contingent from San Francisco, Oakland and the East Bay.

“Everyone’s got Sunday scheduled. So, if we win, everyone’s got the day off.”

Phillip Hastings, Warriors vice president of event experiences

Team members who work the games get access to commemorative T-shirts that are given to fans who attend The Finals, according to Hastings.

Leslie Panion, vice president of hospitality for Bon Appetit at Chase Center, said the atmosphere working the Finals is thrilling.

“What is great is that the arena has televisions everywhere which allows everyone to watch the game!” she wrote in an email.

Chase Center holds 18,064 fans when it’s full.

Hastings said that’s a great chance to highlight some of the local partners whose food is also making fans’ Finals experience unique.

“You might not make it over to Bakesale Betty in Oakland or to Sam’s Chowder House at Half Moon Bay,” Hastings said. “But you can get them all here, and they get exposure to more than 18,000 fans.”

Hastings said he knows the food and beverage team has recorded a win when he sees fans leaving happy, often celebrating, chanting, and fist bumping staff who are still working to close up.

“You can tell in someone’s eyes when they’ve had a good time,” he said.

More information on the watch party for Game 6 can be found online.