A measure to renew a sales tax to provide funds for Marin County Parks appears to have passed in Tuesday’s primary elections, according to unofficial results.

First passed in 2012, Measure A implements a quarter-cent sales tax over nine years and allocates the funds to Marin County Parks, the agency working toward conserving space, protecting wildlife, increasing fire preparedness, and investing in local food in the county.

In 2012, the measure passed with more than 74 percent approval, and in 2022 gained almost 75 percent, based on unofficial results.

The allocations of funds have not changed since the measure was approved in 2012. Upon approval, 65 percent of the estimated $14 million in annual revenue will continue toward maintaining greenspaces, and Marin cities and towns will receive 15 percent to fund parks and recreation programs.

The previous version of Measure A allocated most of the remaining 20 percent toward agricultural easements and some to the Marin Resource Conservation District. In the measure on Tuesday’s ballot, just half of the remaining funds are designated towards agricultural easements.

Marin County Parks relies on Measure A to pay the salaries of many of its employees, making its approval paramount for the agency, according to a county news release.