Officials with the East Bay Regional Park District are warning visitors and hikers of its parks to be aware of the re-emergence of snakes — most notably rattlesnakes — along some regional park trails.

Park district staff said that trails in the East Bay regional parks make up the natural habitat for snakes. Snakes emerge in warm spring weather to explore their environment, which can lead to more encounters with humans and dogs.

Park district officials advise visitors and hikers to keep in mind the following safety precautions, including:

• Leave snakes, including rattlesnakes, alone. Do not try to capture or harm them. All park wildlife is protected by law;

• Avoid hiking alone, in case you need help in an emergency;

• Scan the ground ahead of you as you walk, jog or ride a bike;

• Stay on trails, and avoid walking in tall grass.

• Watch your surroundings, and look under logs and rocks before sitting down;

• Keep dogs on designated trails and away from snakes.