Holding off on trimming trees for another few weeks until after baby bird season could save countless birds, according to officials with the SPCA Monterey County Wildlife Rescue and Rehabilitation Center.

The center recently took in a group of baby hummingbirds, which officials said are typically the first baby birds to be rescued each spring, in part because of their small size. This season, they join three other baby birds — one hummingbird, one dove and one Great Horned Owl nestling — being cared for at the center until they can be released back into the wild.

“They come to us after being blown from trees during storms or when the trees and shrubs they are nesting in are trimmed,” read a statement from the center. “While our team will always try to reunite these little nestlings with their parents whenever possible, sometimes the baby is in too critical a condition or it is simply not safe to do so.”

Center officials urge county residents who see a nest or baby bird on the ground, please call them at 831-264-5427 for advice before handling or feeding them. The center rescues over 2,500 injured or orphaned wild animals, according to a news release.