Conserving water is the goal of one if not all Bay Area water regulators and Marin Water this week took aim at Central and Southern Marin County.

Marin Water passed an ordinance that bans the use of its water for watering new or rehabilitated decorative lawns in business or city landscapes that require a plan review by the agency.

The ordinance takes effect April 15.

Landscapes that require a review include new construction with areas of 500 square feet or more and rehabilitated landscapes that are 1,000 square feet or more in size, regulators said.

Marin Water officials are trying to discourage the creation of more purely decorative grass in street medians and in business complexes.

Marin Water plans to use the water saved for more beneficial things. The ordinance does not apply to residential or recreational uses.

The ban is Marin Water’s first step in tackling a review of decorative lawns as a possible way to conserve water long-term.