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The San Francisco Maritime National Historical Park has announced that in 2021 it surpassed a visitation milestone of 125 million accumulated recreation visits since its establishment in 1988.

A spokesperson for the park said that last year alone, the park had over 2.8 million visitors, up one million from the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

The park is located at the west end of Fisherman’s Wharf and includes historic ships, a visitor center, a maritime museum, a research center, and an aquatic park historic district.

Dale Dualan, a management analyst for the park, said that of America’s 423 parks in the National Park system, just 25 received more than 50 percent of the system’s total 297.1 million recreation visits in 2021.

Dualan said that the Maritime National Historical Park’s 1.9 million visitors in 2020 spent $49.2 million in “gateway” communities which supported 500 local jobs, according to a National Park Service Visitor Spending Effects Report.